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Redfin’s Most Beautiful Places in Nashville

Last month redfin.com reached out to me to get some of my insight on the best places to visit in Nashville!

I told them about a few spots that are my faves! They have a list of 13 spots that you can check out on their site!

Redfin’s 13 Beautiful Places in Nashville

My faves:

1. Broadway. 

While most locals are not known to frequent the spot they call “Nash-Vegas” it is definitely something you have to see when you go to Nashville. The glow of the neon lights and sound of music from every bar flood the streets and create an infectious “let’s dance the night away” vibe. 

2. Centennial Park 

This park has been featured in a couple of Taylor Swift songs and is most well known for the only full scale replica of the Parthenon in Greece, built for Nashville’s nickname “the Athens of the South”. It’s a large space with plenty of walking space, a dog park and even an art museum! 

3. Tailgate Brewery Headquarters

Tailgate is a local brewery that has a number of locations around the area. My favorite is their headquarters location. It has a HUGE outdoor space that’s perfect for bringing your dogs, kids, and anyone who wants to come. I like to call it the brewery for everyone because even if you don’t like beer, you’ll like the beer here. They have incredibly diverse and accurate flavors that you really can’t find anywhere else in the country. I suggest trying one of their cobbler sours if you’re lucky enough to pop in when they have one on tap. They smell like the brown sugar coating on top of a cobbler and taste like the cobbler itself. If you’re not in the mood for drinking or get hungry they also have really great pizzas, loaded fries and more. 

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