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Don’t Worry About Rain on Your Nashville Wedding Day

Are you planning your wedding and worried about rain? Don’t be! Throughout my time as a Nashville elopement photographer, I’m here to tell you that rain on your Nashville wedding day isn’t a bad thing. In fact it’s actually kind of awesome. Not only do you get to make incredible memories and the pictures are rad, but rain on your wedding day is actually a sign of good luck. Let’s talk about it!

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple kissing under umbrella on rainy wedding day

What Follows Rain?

Rainbows! While most people may look at rain as a bad thing on their wedding day, think of what comes after. The reality is that sometimes the weather will throw us for a loop and totally change last minute. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it. If you’re lucky enough to get to experience rain on your wedding day, make sure you look for that rainbow too! Such a special message to remember on your wedding day of all days. Sometimes life can get hard and not go as planned, but after the hard times can come beauty.

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple holding umbrella during rainy day wedding

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Next let’s talk about accessories. This may not be something you think about when it comes to rain on your Nashville wedding day. However as your go-to gal for all things wedding, I’m here for it. As your Nashville wedding photographer, I can whole heartedly promise when it rains, we’re taking advantage. I’m talking blankets, cozy sweaters, and clear umbrellas! Not only are the photos going to be epic but the memories along with it will be incredible.

Cooler Weather Means Comfortable Guests

During the cooler months of the year when wedding season is in full swing is when we get the most influx of rain on your Nashville wedding day. However, during those months are some of the most magical moments. From fall weather changes to cooler winter months it’s incredible. If you choose to get married during those cooler months, your guests may thank you! The weather will be cooler which is always nice for guests dressed up. Even if it rains!

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple kissing against wall during rainy day wedding

You Can Still Be Prepared For Rain on Your Nashville Wedding

Throughout your wedding planning it may seem like a big stressor having the possibility of rain looming over your shoulders. It doesn’t have to be! Come up with a back up plan. Consult with your wedding vendors and ask for advice. Most wedding venues will have a rainy day alternative to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. Whether the ceremony gets moved inside, or we set up tents it’ll all work out. And will still be the most beautiful day, because most importantly, you are marrying your forever person.

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple standing on column with umbrella

Think About the Memories and Laughter That Come With Rain On Your Nashville Wedding Day

Lastly, think about all the timeless stories you’ll be able to tell about rain on your Nashville wedding day. Not many people will experience that and it’s something that should be truly cherished for the rest of your life. After all these are the moments that make up your legacy, and those moments rain or shine matter too!

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