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Non-Traditional Destination Elopement Ideas | Destination Elopement Photographer

One thing I love about being a destination elopement photographer, is you never know what to expect on elopement day. That’s the beauty of being an elopement photographer, couples are bolder while planning unique moments and experiences. It’s always an absolute blast. If I were planning my destination elopement and looking for some ideas to have a once in a lifetime experience, here’s my list of destination elopement ideas. Not only are you going to marry your person, but you get to have fun while doing it!

Wear a Patterned Dress or Pantsuit

If you’ve already chosen to have a destination elopement, why not choose to have a non-traditional elopement outfit? More elopement couples are choosing to embrace their unique personalities and relationships while proclaiming their love to one another. Wearing a patterned dress you love or even a pantsuit you feel confident in is a great way to celebrate your unique love story. Planning a wedding or destination elopement all boils down to the same thing, marrying your forever partner. Why not do it in style!

Celebrate with a Yummy Bite to Eat – Destination Elopement Ideas

While the idea of eating after your elopement ceremony isn’t unique. What about splitting a pizza after? Gone are the worries of having a reservation at a fancy restaurant. Why not head to Hattie B’s or In-n-Out for your favorite foods together! What’s better than celebrating your recent marriage than with one milkshake and two straws? One of my recent couples went to Hattie B’s for some hot chicken after their Nashville elopement. It was so much fun!

Does it Have to be Cake?

Heck no! While going through destination elopement ideas if you want to skip a wedding cake, do it! Some ideas I’ve seen and loved were doughnuts, cookies, or even a pie instead. On your elopement day you can do or not do whatever you’d like. That’s the beauty of an elopement. Why not even skip a formal dessert entirely and pop a bottle of champagne to enjoy together?

Bring Your Fur Babies

Nashville elopement photographer captures bride with dog during bridal portraits

As many people know, I’m a sucker for a cute fur baby. If you’re opting for a destination elopement and the spot you chose allows animals, let’s bring them! My husband and I have a few pets at home ourselves and would be more than happy to help in any way we can. Most elopement locations in Nashville are animal-friendly and would be perfect for your destination elopement.

Colored Wedding Cake – Destination Elopement Ideas

Looking to make a statement with your wedding cake? What about adding some color to it! It’s a simple yet fun idea to showcase your relationship, while just having a good time together. Whether that’s adding colored flowers or even just having the whole thing be colored instead of white. It’s simple destination elopement ideas like this that can add a little bit of personality!

Pop Something Other Than Champagne

Nashville elopement photographer captures bride and groom celebrating how to elope in Nashville with champagne pop

If you’re anything like me, you love the champagne pop pictures after a wedding. They are such an iconic moment for couples to celebrate together and not worry about getting wet and just let loose to have fun. But if you’re not into the traditional champagne idea, consider beer or sparkling water! However, keep in mind if you are using a beer make sure it’s on a solid surface (ie on the road). While making sure to avoid placing in foliage or plants to keep with Leave No Trace guidelines.

Choose a Unique Location for Bridal Portraits – Destination Elopement Ideas

Last but not least, after your destination elopement ceremony, pick a special spot for some bridal pictures! Whether that’s a park with sentimental value, the beach, or even a skate park. These photos are for you both to look back on your big day with a smile if that means going to the skate park in your wedding dress. I’m down!

If you made it this far, I hope you found some good non-traditional destination elopement ideas to add to your big day! Not only will it make it that much more special but totally unique to the two of you.

Still, looking for the perfect destination elopement photographer for you? Reach out today!

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