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Top 8 Ways to Save Money When You Elope in Nashville

An elopement is one of my favorite ways to celebrate an intimate wedding. Couples can explore bucket list locations while marrying their person. Nashville has become quite the hotspot for all things weddings, from bachelorette parties to destination elopements and even the honeymoon. If you’re considering an elopement and want to elope in Nashville, let me be your gal for all things Nashville elopements! My husband and I call Nashville home and have fallen in love with its deep musical roots and incredible history. While you’re in the midst of elopement planning, let’s look into ways to save a few bucks along the way!

Skip the Wedding Venue

One of my top suggestions for saving money while elopement planning? Skip the traditional venues! An elopement challenges tradition by allowing and encouraging couples to do things differently. Whether you elope in Centennial Park, Cumberland River Park, or even at the courthouse, opportunities are endless with an elopement. Nashville has a little bit of everything and plenty of inexpensive and breathtaking locations for your dream day. Most of these locations offer a low-cost option (if not free) to get married on-site, which gives your budget a little more wiggle room—looking for more locations to elope in Nashville? Check out my Top 4 Places to Elope in Nashville blog!

Destination elopement photographer captures bride and groom walking upstairs after romantic Catalina Island elopement

Skip Catering When You Elope in Nashville

An elopement usually involves fewer people and a smaller gathering; skip catering! Instead of spending much of your budget on catering for your elopement, invite guests to a restaurant after the ceremony to celebrate. Many incredible restaurants in Nashville would make for an incredible after-ceremony celebration spot. I’ve shared some favorites in my Valentine’s Date Night Ideas blog here. Without hiring a caterer, you can save a large portion of your budget for a honeymoon, travel, or a photographer!

Save Money By Getting Flowers at Grocery Store

During wedding planning, a few things can take up a good amount of your budget; florals are one of those. Instead of splurging on a florist, head to a grocery store in Nashville to get some fresh flowers for your elopement! I’ve helped plenty of clients find beautiful floral options for their elopements. It’s also a fun adventure to add a unique touch of a custom bridal bouquet to your day. Tons of local grocery stores in Nashville will have great options for your bouquet!

Rent or Buy a Second-Hand Wedding Dress

Another huge expense when it comes to wedding or elopement planning can be the dress! There are few options to lessen the cost and not have your dress hurt the budget as much. First, see if other brides in the area want to rent or sell their dresses second-hand. It’s becoming more common than you’d think, especially in college towns, for brides to rent out their wedding dresses. It’s a great budget-friendly option. Another avenue is to shop at places like Azazie, which has gowns for under $400!

Nashville elopement photographer captures bride in water whipping hair back

Set a Budget Beforehand

While you may feel that a budget can feel restrictive, setting one does the opposite. It gives you parameters to work within where you both feel confident and comfortable. A budget allows you and your partner to remain on track and not let finances take over. Instead, having a budget can encourage you both to step back and prioritize what is most important for your wedding day. All the rest will fall within your budget, but your priorities will be precisely what you want them to be.

Get Married on a Weekday When You Elope in Nashville

As a Nashville elopement photographer, I know most couples choose to elope on the weekends. However, eloping on a weekday is more affordable. Often, accommodations are more affordable during the week, especially in Nashville, when significant events happen on the weekends. If you want to elope in Nashville in Centennial Park or a specific place, weekdays are often less busy with visitors. During the planning process, I suggest you marry on a weekday. Elopement photographers like myself leave dates open during the week for elopements like this!

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple standing in front of headlights during bridal portraits

Hire an Elopement Photographer

When searching for the perfect photographer to capture your big day, make sure they specialize in or offer elopement packages. Oftentimes, wedding photographers don’t provide elopement packages and prefer full wedding day coverage. However, finding the perfect Nashville elopement photographer will ensure that your day is special and captured perfectly, and they’ll also have an elopement experience. Like myself, we understand the importance of your elopement and memories. Elopements have quickly become one of my favorites to shoot because of the emotional connection and unique experiences couples plan. Nashville elopement photographers, like myself, will have various elopement packages or even create a custom package that fits your needs and vision of the day – often making them more affordable!

Be Date-Flexible to Elope in Nashville

Lastly, be date-flexible when you elope in Nashville. What does that mean? Don’t get set on one date, especially on a weekend date. Being open to a couple of dates will allow you to save a few dollars on travel, hotel accommodations, and sometimes even photography.

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple kissing after Nashville elopement

Throughout the planning process, I hope you can make your day exactly as you imagined. If you want more advice, reach out here! I’ve been in the industry for years, which has given me a lot of experience and knowledge to help make your Nashville elopement that much better.

Ready to meet your dream Nashville elopement photographer? Let’s get in touch!

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