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Bree & Matt | Elopement | Nashville Elopement Photographer

I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul

Charles Dickens

Last month I had a first for Dahlia Orchid Photography, I was actually hired knowing that one of my amazing associate photographers would be the one physically capturing this beautiful intimate elopement. The level of trust that Bree and Matt had in me knowing that I would be the one editing the images, but wasn’t going to be there on their wedding day seriously means so much to me. As soon as I saw the photos I knew this was a special couple.

A close up image of a couple holding hands, you can't see their faces. But you can tell they are facing the camera and are wearing their wedding attire.

I actually spent some time finding the perfect associate photographer for this elopement. I knew I would be busy at another couple’s wedding this day and wouldn’t be able to check in and see how it was going. (I can be a bit of a helicopter) And am so thankful that I found Annabelle. This is why you shouldn’t be nervous when your photographer has to hire an associate or if they’re not available for your day. You trust this person right? You know they’re going to find someone who’s going to make your wedding day just as special as you are. Never be nervous about an associate shooter, especially if your photographer has worked with them before. This gallery is the proof.

A couple standing the woods in their wedding attire, they are facing each other and kissing. Her entire dress is laid out perfectly against the backdrop

This super small intimate elopement took place on the couples parents land. And when I say this place looks like a dream world, I am not exaggerating. There’s something about the land in Tennessee that does not get enough credit. Bree had a gorgeous cape and hood that reminds me of a fairy tale (I had some serious Once Upon a Time vibes while editing these and I’m not mad about it)

Moral of the story? You can elope anywhere and it will be beautiful, you don’t need a fancy special location. You just need a partner that you love and a location that means something to the two of you.

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