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Rainy Nashville Adventure Elopement | Kristen & Emily

The moment Kristen & Emily contacted me about their Nashville adventure elopement I knew we would have a great day, rain or shine. We talked about places to go, I sent them all my favorite recommendations for vendors, including videographers and officiants! The three of us clicked immediately.

They booked with two of my favorite vendors to round out their vendor team. Dawn Stiles McMillin, my favorite officiant in the Nashville area. And Tiffany with Brindle Film Co. for video!

The day of the elopement, it was pouring rain, so I dawned my Eevee costume (with permission from the brides) and we all prepared for a day filled with love and clear umbrellas. None of us minded getting rained on a little bit during this adventure elopement around Nashville. So, we started our adventure!

First, we headed to Centennial Park to meet Dawn for the ceremony. It was short and quick and filled with soooo much love. Dawn went off to marry more happy couples and Tiffany and I stayed with Kristen & Emily to get into the nitty gritty of our rainy adventure elopement in Nashville. After taking some photos and video at Centennial we headed to a local park with a beautiful overlook and found that they were actually filming a movie there that day. RIGHT? Who would have thought. They had just finished filming and were just cleaning up so we got there at just the right time.

It took some clever maneuvering and angles to avoid the film equipment that was still up at the overlook. So we took our time and got all the best shots up there before making the hike back down and heading out to the NunaVeda Greenhouse Venue!

There was no better way to end this rainy adventure elopement in Nashville than at the beautiful NunaVeda Greenhouse Venue. It was my first time there and I have to say, it does not disappoint. Kristen & Emily had some friends bring their sweet pup, Augie for some photos here. We could all tell he was so excited to be included on his moms special day.

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Two brides looking at each other and smiling. Rainy Nashville Adventure Elopement.

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