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How to Include Pets in Your Nashville Engagement Photos

If you didn’t already know, I kind of have a thing for animals. My husband and I have six fur babies at home, and they are the best. I love when my couples choose to include pets in their sessions, it’s a great way to show their whole family. Throughout my time as a Nashville elopement photographer, I’ve worked with some of the most genuinely incredible people. They share a desire to capture their love, celebrate the small moments, and most of all, are so kind and welcoming. While we’re planning your Nashville engagement photos, these photos are meant to tell your love story and if that includes pets, I’m all for it! Here are a few tips for the best ways to include your fur babies in your Nashville engagement session.

Start With Your Pets

Before we get into the couple portraits during your Nashville engagement photos, we’re going to start with your pets! Especially if we’re including cats in the photos. If you have a cat you want to include I suggest starting at your house or apartment. Let them feel comfortable and the most relaxed where they live. This allows for the most natural interaction and a cozy feel during your session. With dogs, we’ll still start with them, but I have a few tips to ensure they’re on their best behavior.

Nashville elopement photographer captures black and white portrait of newly engaged couple's white cat during Nashville engagement photos

Get Energy Out Early

First, before the session begins take your pup out to play for a while. This will help ease their excitement and get them ready for your Nashville engagement photos. When your dog is in a new place, or even just outside with an unfamiliar person, they’re sure to get excited. Get them outside playing fetch, or on a walk before the session begins to allow them time to have fun before it’s time for their camera debut.

Nashville elopement photographer captures newly engaged couple kissing during Nashville engagement photos

Enlist Help For Your Nashville Engagement Photos

Another thing we always suggest is bringing a friend, family member or someone who is familiar with your pet. This will help when your pet’s portion is finished, we can hand your fur baby off to a trusted person to play with and distract while we finish your session! Once we finish your Nashville engagement photos, your baby will be ready to love on you and go home together. It’ll be perfect. If you don’t have someone that you can call on to help during your session, let me know, my husband is always willing to lend a hand!

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple holding cat during their at home Nashville engagement photos

Bring Toys & Treats

Lastly, we suggest bringing some treats and a toy or two your pup is familiar with. When I’m capturing you both with your pup, I want to see you interact with your pets and genuinely have fun with them. Animals are hard to pose because they’re animals! So, we just completely let them have fun and interact with you in an organic way. The pictures always turn out so cute and authentic. I love showing off your relationship with your fur baby.

Nashville elopement photographer captures newly engaged couple hugging dog during Nashville engagement photos

No matter whether you choose to include your pets or not, your Nashville engagement photos are sure to be great. This moment in time is so fleeting, and deserves to be remembered forever.

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