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Why You Should Have a First Look

Over the years a first look has become a sort of tradition for couples during their wedding. A first look is simply that, the first time you’ll see your soon to be partner before walking down the aisle. While couples are beginning to add in other variations of a first look with their wedding party, parents, and even their pets – it’s such a special moment. On your wedding day time flies by so quickly, and creating moments of intentional stillness will be something you reflect on for years to come. As a Nashville wedding photographer, I’m sharing my top reasons why you should have a first look on your Nashville wedding day!

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple back to back holding hands before first look

Calm Your Nerves

On your wedding day, you’re sure to feel all the nerves before making a life changing commitment. You’re vowing yourself to one person for the rest of your life – it’s kind of a big deal! Planning a first look prior to your wedding ceremony is a great way to calm those nerves. There’s something about being with your person, and centering yourself. You’ll remember why you’re doing this in the first place, and spend time together before the chaos of the day starts. After all, you chose this person to go through some of life’s hardest trials, they are your safe haven.

More Time Together

If you ask anyone that has recently gotten married they’ll say that the day is over before you know it. Throughout the day, you’ll be celebrating with loved ones – but not having a ton of time to be together. Creating intentional moments to be together is so good for your mental health and your relationship. I’m all about couples advocating for the importance of their relationship and putting that first by being together. You deserve to have the wedding day you’ve dreamed of, whatever that looks like!

Nashville elopement photographer captures groom crying before first look with bride on rooftop Nashville wedding day

Creating Memories During Your First Look

While some couples will opt for the more traditional not seeing one another until walking down the aisle, there isn’t a lot of time for a reaction or taking it all in. Let me explain. You or your partner are walking down the aisle with all your loved ones watching, and being in the moment of the ceremony, how can you react? It’s a moment that is quite simply just that, a moment. Whereas if you plan for that moment together privately, you’re able to truly take it all in. Creating memories of laughter, emotion, or just pure joy, together. You family won’t remember if you or your partner cried walking down the aisle 10 years from now, but the both of you will remember the first time you saw each other.

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple hugging after first look

No matter if you choose to go the more traditional route of seeing one another for the first time at the wedding ceremony or if you opt for a private first look – it’s your decision. You and your partner deserve to have the wedding you have dreamed of. Whatever that looks like for you! As your Nashville wedding photographer I promise to support and advocate for whatever your wedding vision is.

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