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How to Plan a Perfect Proposal

There are a few milestone events in life that are just a little more special than others; getting your driver’s license, graduating, getting engaged, and later married. While some of these events are pretty much the same every time, there’s something special about getting engaged. It’s a unique experience and most times tailored to your relationship. Whether that’s popping the question at your favorite park, or being surrounded by your family, it’s all about you and your relationship. As a Nashville elopement photographer, I capture very individual and special moments often. I’ve helped plan proposals, get the moment on camera, and celebrate! Consider me your guide for how to plan a perfect proposal.

Nashville Elopement Photographer captures man proposing to woman after he planned a perfect proposal

It’s All About Location – Best Places to Propose in Nashville

When you’re beginning the process of planning a perfect proposal, I want you to close your eyes. Think about some of the most important places in your relationship. Maybe there was a particular restaurant you went to on your first date or a park bench where you first said those three little words. Reflect on your relationship’s milestone moments. That’s where you should propose (if weather and timing allow). If you’re looking for a pretty spot for your proposal, I’ve got you covered. Here are my top three best places to propose in Nashville.

Centennial Park – A beautiful oasis for your proposal. One of the most notable attractions is the Parthenon. It’s the only full-scale replica in the world and the perfect proposal spot!

Cumberland River Park – Cumberland River Park is family-friendly and filled with incredible architectural elements that will be incredible for proposal photos.

War Memorial –  The War Memorial is one of my top places to propose in Nashville based on its location downtown, but also the history, and versatility.

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple kissing during proposal photoshoot

Sunrise or Sunset? – Plan a Perfect Proposal

Consider your location and what you plan to do when you plan a perfect proposal. If your proposal includes hiking, or being at a restaurant you’ll have to be careful with the timing. I love suggesting a sunrise or sunset proposal from a photographer’s standpoint. The lighting will be perfect and who doesn’t love a romantic sunset? Not sure what time to choose? Talk to your photographer and see what they suggest!

What About Props? – Plan a Perfect Proposal

Next, let’s talk about decorations or props for your proposal. A popular proposal trend recently has been the huge marquee letters spelling ‘marry me?” or a simple picnic with photos hanging around the area. As I mentioned previously, it’s all about your relationship and what feels right. If you’re in Nashville and considering marquee letters, check out Marquee Letters Nashville. They’ve got you covered for renting decorations for your proposal.

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple kissing in front of the Nashville skyline

Don’t Forget a Nashville Engagement Photographer

Lastly, don’t forget a photographer! These milestones in life are far and few between and deserve to be a part of your legacy in life. A Nashville engagement photographer will be able to capture all the details you carefully planned while ensuring everything goes smoothly. As your photographer, I’ll be able to suggest locations, help find the perfect spot, coordinate and just be a sounding board for ideas. Your relationship is special and deserves to be celebrated.

Don’t let the stress of the moment being Instagram-worthy, or ‘perfect’ weigh you down. That’s the beautiful thing about these moments in life, they are messy, incredible, and perfectly yours.

Looking for more top proposal locations in Nashville? Head to the blog!

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