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Big Sur Sunset Elopement | Victoria & Bryan

Victoria & Bryan’s sunset elopement in Big Sur was nothing short of perfect. It was the kind of day that elopement photographers dream about. These two share more love than you could imagine. Their love for life and each other is intoxicating. They are 100% couples goals.

The Details

Spending some time at their elopement spot before meeting up with Victoria & Byran was essential. It gave me a chance to get familiar with the landscape and see the spots that were and weren’t super slippery after the day of storming.

Getting Ready

The day started off pretty dreary, it was raining like crazy the whole drive up to Big Sur (I was coming from the LA area). Victoria & Bryan didn’t let that stop them. They danced in the rain at their campsite while getting ready. You could tell all they wanted was just to get married. And of course, spend the day in the waves of the ocean. Victoria wore one of my client closet dresses, Diamonds by Flutter Dress. It’s is available to all my elopement couples to wear for their big day.

The Sunset Elopement

After dancing around and embracing the rain, we headed to the beach for the big moment! It was time to get these two married! A Big Sur sunset elopement always contains a little bit of magic. But this one, holy cow. There was not a dry eye on the beach. Granted, we were the only ones there, but still.

The Couples Photos

It’s not an adventure elopement without epic couples photos. The universe had to have been smiling on us because the peek of sun we got right at sunset was literally perfect. These images couldn’t have been better. The storm had completely cleared up. We had the beach to ourselves. The day ended up being every single elopement photographers dream. To make sure the day wasn’t too perfect the ocean even decided to take one of my socks. But it was a worthy trade. I would swap all my socks for another day with Victoria & Bryan.

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