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5 Unique Places to Have Your Engagement Session

It’s that time of year again, all my engaged couples are taking center stage. It’s engagement photos season! As a Nashville elopement photographer you can probably assume I’m used to adventurous and untraditional locations for elopements. But my engagement sessions have become another opportunity for couples to explore and do something unique. I’m sharing unique places to have your engagement session to make them a good time, and take some epic photos! Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

As a Nashville elopement photographer captures couple during unique engagement session in front of green house

Top Engagement Session Tips

When planning your engagement session, I always suggest making it fun. Whether it’s a planned date night afterwards, going somewhere unique for your session, or bringing your pets along – adding an element of fun makes it more enjoyable for you a your partner!

Think about your outfits prior to the engagement session to avoid being stressed before your arrival. If you’re looking for engagement outfit inspiration, check out our spring engagement photo outfits blog here!

Unique Locations to Have Your Engagement Session

The Arcade

An arcade is the perfect location for your engagement session. It’s a great way to make the session fun and interactive, while making memories of an exciting date night out. I always encourage my couples to themselves and have fun during their session and an arcade would make it that much easier!

Carnival – Unique Places to Have Your Engagement Session

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple playing games at the carnival during engagement session

Next on my list of unique locations to have your engagement session, the carnival! What’s better than funnel cake, kissing booths, carousels and neon lights?! This is the perfect spot for a summer night of fun and love, you and your partner can play games, win prizes and take the cutest photos!

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple swinging arms around


If your engagement session will take place in the cooler months, consider a greenhouse session! This is a great way to incorporate the warm vibe of spring or summer in the winter months, while inviting gorgeous greenery to your photos. Oftentimes you can’t even tell we’re in a greenhouse!


Calling all my book loving couples! If reading has always been a passion, or you’re looking for something different for your session, consider the library. There’s something so romantic about meeting your forever person while strolling the library, so let’s start your forever that way too! We can find your favorites and just have a blast celebrating this season of life.

Your Favorite Fast Food Spot – Unique Places to Have Your Engagement Session

Lastly, one of my favorites your favorite fast food spot. This just brings me back in time, almost reminding me of Grease (Danny and Sandy, is that you?). There’s something so romantic about the simplicity of normal life. Being able to have an incredible time with your partner in your actual real life, no fireworks, just everyday life. Taking your engagement photos in a fast food place is a memorable and totally unique way to show family and friends your real life. Also, including food in your session may be a great way to bribe your partner, just saying, who wouldn’t want to split a chocolate shake?!

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple kissing and embracing in greenhouse

No matter what you choose, I can’t wait to capture and support your love story! Ready to meet your dream Nashville photographer? Let’s chat today!

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