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Things to Know Before Traveling to Iceland

Iceland is an incredibly beautiful country that is known for its jaw-dropping scenery, from volcanoes to hot springs and geysers. It’s breathtaking. As an Iceland elopement photographer I have been lucky enough to do what I love while exploring this incredible country. Throughout my time traveling in Iceland I have learned a few things that have made my time there much more enjoyable. Let’s dive into things to know before traveling to Iceland.

Are International Data Plans Worth It When Traveling to Iceland?

While preparing to travel out of the country, the first thought that crosses a lot of people’s minds I’m sure, is how we’re going to stay connected when we’re out of the country. While international data plans may be the most popular option, they’re not worth it! Instead buy a wifi puck and carry it around in your pocket! This allows you to have internet on the go, and not worry about those expensive data plans fees per device. Share this with your party and save some $$. Don’t forget to charge it at night!

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple embracing after traveling to Iceland for their destination elopement

Don’t Forget European Plugs!

Like a lot of things, when traveling to different countries things are going to be different. One thing that is different are the outlets. Before traveling to Iceland stock up on European plugs so you’re able to charge your electronics and get ready for the day!

When Traveling to Iceland Bring All the Sweaters

Iceland is such a unique country and one that I have fallen in love with, so much so that I capture love stories there. But whenever I’m traveling there, I make sure to bring lots of sweaters. When traveling throughout Iceland it’s so important to bring layers and be prepared. The weather is always on the cooler side, so I suggest being prepared with plenty of sweaters for your trip.

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple on Iceland Cliff after traveling to Iceland to elope

Invest in Rain Pants

Along with your sweaters and warm clothes, you’ll want to invest in a pair of rain pants. It may not rain all day, however it is very likely it will rain at some point everyday. Rain pants are a great option to stay dry for the moments of rain during your travels.

No Matter What Time of Year Pack for Winter

Just as previously mentioned, it’s a cooler country no matter what time of year you visit. When you’re traveling to Iceland I would recommend always packing for winter, no matter what time of year. Between the rain and the cool weather you’ll be happy you came prepared! Wearing layers will help you stay warm and be able to adjust accordingly if the weather fluctuates.

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple reading vows after traveling to Iceland for elopement

Get Ready to Adventure!

Iceland is known for being an adventurous and outdoorsy country. Knowing this, be prepared to adventure and explore. Whether you’re walking on a glacier, looking for the Northern Lights or walking along the beach. Be prepared to have a blast and be outdoors! If you’re not much of an outdoorsy person make sure you consider that before traveling to Iceland.

Summer Months are Best for Traveling to Iceland

My favorite time of year to visit Iceland is in the summer months. The weather is usually a little milder and you’re able to get out and see some incredible sights. Also keep in mind that because golden hour lasts so long, odds are restaurants and grocery stores will be closed by the time you’re done with your shoot. In that case, prepare for that and pack some food or have some ready in your Airbnb or hotel for when you return! I went to Iceland in August and it was wonderful. Such an incredible experience!

Another tip, because the sun is up so long your sleep schedule is bound to get messed up. Sometimes the sun doesn’t set until almost 2 in the morning! Don’t be surprised if you’re up until 5 am even if you’re normally a person that goes to bed early. The time change and sun’s behavior will definitely be an adjustment!

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple laying on beach together after Iceland elopement

Pack Clear Umbrellas for Your Iceland Elopement

Not only is it a great destination for an adventurous couple, but it will make for a once in a lifetime experience. When planning your elopement be prepared for the possibility of rain, make sure to bring clear umbrellas. Not only will you be grateful you did when it begins to rain, but it makes for some fun photos too!

Whether you decide to travel to Iceland or elope in Iceland, it’s going to be an incredible experience that you’ll remember forever!

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