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Planning Your Iceland Elopement

A Iceland Elopement Photographer’s Guide to Planning Your Iceland Elopement

Why Plan an Iceland Elopement?

Iceland is the perfect spot for the adventurous couple looking for once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences. Throughout my time spent in Iceland I have gain a stronger appreciation for the beauty that is found on this cold island. From visiting volcanoes, lagoons, whale watching and so much more – Iceland is a once in a lifetime trip you have to make! An Iceland elopement is the perfect combination of adventure and beauty and will allow you both to experience new things while creating memories together to last a lifetime. As an Iceland elopement photographer I’ve had the opportunity to capture incredible love stories while appreciating the stunning beauty found there. If you’re looking for an unforgettable elopement, an Iceland elopement is just for you!

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple embracing after traveling to Iceland for their destination elopement

Table of Contents

  1. Getting to and Staying in Iceland
  2. Picking Your Location
  3. Is Iceland For You?
  4. Making Your Elopement Legal in Iceland – Marriage Laws and Getting Your License
  5. Things to Do After Your Iceland Elopement

While this may seem like an extensive guide for your dream Iceland elopement, trust me, it’s worth the read! As an Iceland elopement photographer, I want you to have the best experience possible. Whether you choose to celebrate and elope in Iceland, or go somewhere tropical like Hawai’i, I’m here to help! Iceland is unlike many places you’ll have been to in your life and requires a little bit of preparation before traveling there. With that said, it is incredibly beautiful, full of adventure and so much magic. Consider me your go-to gal for your Iceland elopement, reach out today!

When you book your Iceland elopement with me you get access to:

  • Consultation calls and planning assistance to get to know you and your partner to help plan the perfect day that focuses on you as a couple.
  • A personalized list of things to do around Iceland to make the most out of your trip!
  • Tips specific to Iceland to help your day run smoothly
  • A photographer and a videographer (all my elopement packages come with a videographer!)
  • A custom timeline that focuses on what’s important to you and your partner so you can have the best day possible.

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple holding hands during Iceland elopement

Getting to and Staying in Iceland

If you’re considering a destination elopement and looking into Iceland, I’m so excited for you! Iceland has been one of my favorite destinations since we visited last year. Iceland is unlike so many typical places people travel to, and it is sure to make for an incredible trip. If you’re planning to visit Iceland, I always recommend flying into Reykjavík.

While planning your Iceland elopement, keep in mind certain airlines will not travel there during harsher weather months. If you are looking to book a flight to Iceland, do your research and make sure you know who flys in and out during those specific times. Iceland is such a beautiful place but can definitely have some cruel winters!

Find flights to Iceland here!

Check out my Blue Lagoon Resort here!

Iceland elopement photographer captures bride and groom embracing after Iceland elopement

Picking Your Location

Throughout my time spent in Iceland, I have experienced some incredible things and seen breathtaking sights. If you’re looking for a perfect location for photos, or even a ceremony, ask me! There are tons of beautiful locations for ceremonies, and portraits. I’ve had couples elope in Iceland and have a ceremony on the cold beach. Afterwards they walk the beach in their wedding attire and coats and we take portraits. It totally gives destination and adventure vibes!

If you’re looking for a resort, or have a specific vision, reach out and we’ll figure out the best option for your dream day.

Is Iceland For You?

As previously mentioned, Iceland is unlike any traditional vacation spot and here’s why. Iceland is all about adventure, if you and your partner love hiking, and being outdoors – it’s just the spot for you. Iceland’s beaches are the perfect combination of cozy and adventure. But beware the water can be extremely cold and dangerous. The tide can take you in and away before you know it! If you’re considering an Iceland elopement, plan your travel wisely. Iceland will reach teeth-chattering low temperatures of -1°C–1°C? Notoriously January and February are the coldest months, and the best time of year to travel to Iceland is the summer months. It’s generally a little bit warmer and the sun is out longer making for longer golden hour opportunities! Lastly, Iceland is in fact an island which means while you’re visiting for your Iceland elopement, things may be a little more expensive.

Iceland elopement photographer captures groom lifting bride and spinning her on cold beach in Iceland

Making Your Elopement Legal in Iceland

Before we get too far into planning, let me share a piece of advice. I always suggest my couples get married legally in the States, and then celebrate in Iceland after. Between all the international marriage laws and getting the correct paperwork filed, it’s so much easier to get married where you live, and then have a ‘ceremony’ in Iceland for the two of you. It’ll be so special to experience that together and truly be in the moment.

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple walking hand in hand into the sunset

Things to do After Your Iceland Elopement

Iceland is full of incredible activities that you’ve never dreamed of experiencing. Take the time to schedule for lots of adventurous activities that are truly once in a lifetime moments!

  • Visit Blue Lagoon – notably one of the most famous and raved about experiences in Iceland! Check out Blue Lagoon and experience healing waters and delicious food!
  • Visit Skogafoss – the largest waterfall in Iceland
  • Eat Lots of Hot Dogs – it’s a thing here, trust me.
  • Whale Watching – there are tons of tours available to see the majestic whales in their natural habitat.
  • Experience the Continental Divide – the only place in the world where you can stand on two continents at once
  • Golden Circle Tours – 18 tours that will allow you to experience some of the most breathtaking sights in Iceland!
  • Ice Cave Tours – totally worth it!
  • Horseback Riding Excursions – experience riding in lava fields, mountains and lakes while learning more about Iceland’s rich history.
  • Hot Springs – the perfect way to warm up, dip into Iceland’s hot springs!

Looking for even more things to do in Iceland? Book an elopement with me today, and I’ll curate a custom must see list and include some of my favorite local eats! I’ll even include some activities I think you and your partner will enjoy! Let’s start planning your Iceland elopement!

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