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Winter Engagement Outfits

As a Nashville elopement photographer, I live for this time of year. Proposals are happening, couples are getting married, and the weather is changing. There is so much magic in the air. As you’re beginning your journey into the world of everything wedding, I’m here to make this portion a little easier. Winter engagement outfits or planning outfits in general can be stressful. Lucky for you, I’ve made it easy for you. Throughout the blog I’ll share my top tips and even direct links to make shopping and preparing a breeze!

Nashville elopement photographer captures woman wearing red sweater on man's back during winter engagements

Quick Engagement Outfit Tips

Keep it Simple

When it comes to outfits for any sort of photo session, it’s important to keep your outfits simple. Avoiding large patterns, and wearing complementing colors goes a long way in your outfits. If you want to wear a flannel print or some other pattern make sure your partner is wearing a solid color that complements your pattern.

Complementing Colors

Next, I suggest wearing complementary colors rather than matching colors. This allows for you to both stand out as individuals but go together as a couple. If you’re looking for ideas for complementing colors head to Pinterest!

Nashville elopement photographer captures couple holding hands during winter engagement photos

Winter Engagement Outfits

While planning your winter engagement outfits, I’m pulling out all the stops to make sure your outfits are everything you imagined. From winter accessories to warm fuzzy coats, your engagement photos are sure to be a timeless hit.

Winter Coats + Accessories

I think we can all agree one of the best parts about cooler weather is the winter accessories and coats. It’s the time to break out all the umbrellas, scarves, beanies, boots and so much more. I always encourage my couples to bring winter accessories to their session. It gives us a lot of flexibility for photos and it’s just a ton of fun! Consider bringing a scarf or a cozy blanket to your session. We’ll be able to get some cozy shots for the perfect winter touch.

Nashville elopement photographer captures man hugging woman from behind in winter engagement outfits

Layers, Layers, Layers!

While planning your winter engagement outfits make sure to wear layers. Not too many, I don’t want you to get too warm. Layers are another great way to add variety to your photos. We can take photos of you both wearing your coats, and later taking your coats off and wearing scarves or sweaters. This is a great solution to wanting to wear different outfits during your session. No one wants to change in their cold car in the middle of winter!

Nashville elopement photographe captures couple holding hands and spinning together after choosing winter engagement outfits

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

In my fall engagement outfit guide we talked a lot about neutrals and wearing colors that would complement the scenery, with winter it’s slightly different. In the winter the surrounding area can be bare trees, or covered in snow, so it’s important to wear colors that will make you stand out. I love when one partner wears a red, or deep blue to incorporate the traditional ‘holiday’ colors. It’s winter after all! Embrace it!

No matter what you wear, the most important thing to remember is to be you! Whatever you feel the most comfortable in will be the best choice! If you’re looking for more wedding planning advice, head to the blog.

I promise I didn’t forget, I’m sharing my favorite winter engagement outfit ideas here! Head to my Benable account where I have shoppable links for quick and easy shopping.

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