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How to Honor Loved Ones That Have Passed at Wedding

Planning a wedding and being engaged are arguably some of the most exciting times in life. Often these big moments in life can be incredibly emotional. While planning your wedding, you may be worried about family members not being able to attend and struggling with ways to respect and honor them. As a Nashville elopement photographer, I’m no stranger to this idea and have worked with many couples doing just this. Couples are finding unique ways to honor loved ones who have passed at their weddings. It often becomes one of the most memorable parts of their wedding. Try to remain optimistic and remember this is an exciting time in your life. You’ve got this.

Reserved Table or Seats

Nashville elopement photographer captures reserved tables and chairs for honoring loved ones on wedding day

First reserve tables or seats for your loved ones who have passed. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way and becomes incredibly emotional. It’s a designated seat for someone who will physically not be able to be there but allows guests and yourself to remember them. While it may make you feel emotional and maybe even sad, the sentiment is everything. Years from now looking at your pictures, the emotion felt then will be felt for years to come.

Family Heirlooms To Honor Loved Ones That Have Passed

Nashville elopement photographer captures family heirlooms on wedding day

Next, include a family heirloom in your wedding attire. I am a sucker for a sentimental accessory and adding a locket, watch, or even a handkerchief to your wedding day look will be so special. Oftentimes couples include these family heirlooms as a way to feel closer to their loved ones and even feel as though they are with them on their big day.

Bouquet Charms

One of my personal favorites is a simple bouquet charm. One of my couples, Val and Mark, added photos of their parents to the bouquet charms on their wedding day. A little thing that can make a huge impact on your day while allowing you to feel closer to your loved ones. I’ve also heard brides comment that adding a photo of their father to their bouquet charm when they walk down the aisle is like having him with them on their big day. Check out a few beautiful bouquet charms here!

Nashville elopement photographer captures boutonniere charm honoring loved one

Boutonnière with Pictures To Honor Loved Ones That Have Passed

Similar to the bouquet charms, a boutonniere with pictures is a simple gesture to honor loved ones who have passed. Add the charm to the groom’s boutonnière for an easy way to show your respects and allow the groom to feel close to family. Here’s a boutonniere charm perfect for honoring loved ones.

Nevertheless, planning a wedding with loved ones missing is never easy, but you can do this! Just focus on your love, do your best to be in the moment, and honor your family.

Nashville elopement photographer captures wedding sign to honor loved ones

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