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2024 Fall Wedding Ideas

While we are beginning to welcome spring, my fall wedding couples are knee-deep in wedding planning. Over the past few years, couples have become more creative and prioritize creating events tailored to their relationship. As a Nashville elopement photographer, I’ve seen such a shift from traditional weddings to more intimate and relationship-focused wedding days. Where couples are choosing to not only prioritize the experience but also plan for candid and private moments together. If you’re just getting started planning your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into my list of fall wedding ideas for your 2024 wedding day.

Top Fall Wedding Ideas for 2024

Pampas Grass

Nashville elopement photographer captures wedding arch with pampas grass alongside it during fall wedding

First, let’s dive into a boho couple’s favorite, pampas grass. Pampas grass has picked up popularity in the last couple of years, and honestly, I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a great way to enhance the space and overall vibe for your wedding space and bring a cozy warmth. Pampas grass is a beautiful bouquet filler or enhancer and looks excellent in wedding arches and free-standing floral arrangements.

Warm + Colored Florals

While we’re talking about floral arrangements and wedding decorations, let’s talk about colored florals. While scrolling online, I’ve noticed a vast increase in couples implementing more colored florals in their fall weddings. Instead of strictly creams and white tones, we’re looking at more warm-toned flowers. This is such a simple shift that can bring your wedding colors to life and bring a bit more life to the event.

Pearl Accents – Fall Wedding Ideas

Nashville elopement photographer captures bride wearing hair up with pearl accents

Pearls are making a solid comeback in the wedding world. From heirloom jewelry to accents throughout the wedding decor. Pearls are back. These simple yet elegant pieces provide a timeless and classic look while enhancing and creating one-of-a-kind elements throughout the event. I’ve had brides add pearls to perfume bottles and veils. Not only can pearls add such a classic touch, but depending on their use, they can create a family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.

Seasonal Elements

Nashville elopement photographer captures pumpkin with 'mr and mrs' on it

If you choose to get married during the fall, there’s nothing wrong with including a few seasonal elements in your wedding decor. Whether you add a touch of seasonal charm through your wedding colors, reception decor, or even in your bouquet – it’s a classic! Celebrate the beauty of nature in fall with pumpkin centerpieces, or take your wedding portraits outside by the rich orange-colored leaves. Fall weddings are always some of my favorites.

Unique Seating Charts – Fall Wedding Ideas

One of my personal favorites to see at fall weddings is a unique twist on a seating chart. I’ve seen couples use picture frames and hang twine with cards in the middle, books, or even a mirror with a chart written on it. There are more ways to create a unique wedding experience than you imagine. If you and your partner love to read, perhaps you have a library seating chart where the book spines have names and table assignments.


Lastly, gold! Throughout your wedding planning, consider adding touches of gold to your decor to add a touch of luxury. Not only does it make the decorations and event look classic, but it also adds to the overall season and colorings. Gold is an excellent metal for simple and tasteful touches throughout your wedding decorations, perhaps in cufflinks, napkin rings, or even plate chargers.

2024 will surely be another fantastic year of breathtaking weddings and beautiful love stories. I cannot wait to see what else comes from the wedding world and celebrate with my couples this year.

Nashville elopement photographer captures bride and groom smiling at one another after fall wedding

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