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How to Find the Best Destination Elopement Photographer For You

When it comes to wedding planning and finding the right team of vendors to support you, finding the right fit is not always easy. As a destination elopement photographer and having planned a wedding, I understand entirely. Surrounded by social media expectations and a sea of incredibly talented business owners, it’s hard. If you’re beginning your search, you’re in the right place! I’ve gathered my list of top things to look for in your photographer. Let’s get to it!

Destination elopement photographer captures bride and groom kissing in Downtown Nashville after elopement

Make Sure Your Destination Elopement Photographer Is Experienced

One of the biggest and most important things to look for in your photographer and any potential vendor is experience, especially if you’re planning a destination elopement! There is always the chance of something occurring that was not part of the plan, bad weather, or other extenuating circumstances. Your vendors and photographer must be able to adjust and pivot accordingly. Ask your photographer specific questions about how they would handle particular lighting or weather conditions. Throughout your consult, don’t be afraid to ask all the questions. Not only will you show your photographer that you care, but you also value your memories!

Do Your Values Align?

While searching for the perfect vendors for your event, consider what they stand for. What are their core values? Are those things that you also stand for and support? In my business, I proudly support the LGBTQIA+ community. I will never turn away or make anyone feel less than important simply because of who they love. This is just an example of the core values of my business. If a photographer or vendor doesn’t seem to have values similar to yours, it may be hard to work with them. Keep in mind that selecting a vendor is more than just liking their work; you’ve got to be able to get along with them, too!

Destination elopement photographer captures close up of bride and groom holding bridal bouquet after destination elopement

Look At Their Portfolio

Lastly, look through their work to find your dream destination elopement photographer. Just like you and I, photographers will only put their best online. If you’ve found a photographer you love, don’t be afraid to do some research. Look through their social media profiles and their blog posts and ask to see entire galleries! Most photographers will be happy to share their work with you, especially if they know you’re interested in hiring them for your event. While looking through galleries, look at the reception pictures and outdoor photos. This will give you a good idea of how they handle lighting conditions.

Destination elopement photographer captures groom holding bride from behind and laughing during golden hour bridal portraits

I hope this puts you on the right path to finding your dream photographer or wedding vendor for your big day. If you’re still looking for a photographer and like what you see, let’s chat about my elopement availability! I’d love to support you on your big day and capture your love authentically and genuinely.

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