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5 Signs You May Want to Have a Hawaii Beach Wedding

What’s more romantic than a Hawaii beach wedding with palm trees swaying, soft sandy beaches, and the person you love most by your side? As a destination wedding photographer, I understand the love for Hawaii and its beautiful culture. You’ve come to the right place if you dream of saying ‘I do’ with a gorgeous Hawaiian sunset on the beach. A Hawaii beach wedding allows couples to plan a tropical and magical ceremony with ties to the local culture while honoring the state’s beauty. But how do you know if a Hawaii wedding is right for you? Throughout the blog, we’ll discuss five signs that prove a Hawaii wedding is precisely what you desire for your wedding day.

Destination wedding photographer captures bride and groom standing on rock embracing

You Want to Get Married Somewhere Warm

While this first reason may seem silly, it’s important to consider! When couples choose a wedding date, should they point to the calendar and pick one? Of course not! They’re considering the time of year as a massive factor in that decision. You may have dreamed of a warm summer wedding or an intimate fall affair. Whatever your vision of your day, Hawaii is perfect for a lovely, warm beach wedding.

You Want Timing Flexibility – Hawaii Beach Wedding

One of the best parts about Hawaii is how versatile it can be year-round. The weather is pretty good all year, but most people prefer to visit between December and March. Not only is traveling to Hawaii fairly easy, but you can go pretty much anytime! The weather will just be a little warmer or a little cooler, but you’ll still be able to experience the breathtaking beauty found on the island.

Destination wedding photographer captures oceanside beach wedding in Hawaii

You Want a Destination Wedding in the US

Do you and your partner love hopping on a plane for your destination wedding? Me too! But sometimes, asking guests to travel across the globe for your wedding is challenging. Hawaii is the perfect choice! While it may not be as exotic as a foreign location, Hawaii can be a solid choice for your destination wedding in the States. You can find rich culture, incredible experiences, the kindest people, and delicious food throughout the islands. What more can you ask for? Not only will you be able to have the destination wedding experience, but you’ll be able to have more family and friends join you, who doesn’t want to visit Hawaii??

You Love the Beach – Hawaii Beach Wedding

Do you find yourself being called to the beach? Is it your paradise on earth? Why not celebrate your upcoming marriage and ultimately get married at one of your favorite places? Hawaii has some of the most breathtaking beaches for an epic ceremony spot. Imagine walking down the sand to your partner waiting for you as the ocean laps mere feet away. That can be your reality if you opt for a Hawaii beach wedding! So many unique locations would allow you and your partner to enjoy a private ceremony while committing to one another.

Destination wedding photographer captures bride and groom kissing on cliff after Hawaii beach wedding

You’ve Always Wanted to Visit Hawaii

Is Hawaii on your bucket list? If you’ve never visited Hawaii and want to get married there, do it! People always say you think you’ll like Hawaii until you get there, then you fall in love. Often called Paradise on Earth, Hawaii will make all your wedding dreams come true. If you end up in Hawaii for the first time on your wedding day, I’ve got multiple guides and tips to help make for the best experience ever! Head to the blog or my Benable for a detailed list!

Did you identify with more than one of these thoughts? If yes, you’re heading to Hawaii for your beach wedding!

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