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How to Leave No Trace During Your Iceland Wedding

As an avid traveler, always looking for my next epic adventure, I quickly fell in love with Iceland. The majestic beauty of the glacier-filled beaches, active volcano lineup, and rich history have quickly made Iceland a favorite location. If you’re considering a destination wedding and looking for a place to leave your jaws dropped with picturesque scenery for an intimate wedding ceremony, I’ve got you covered. As an Iceland wedding photographer, I’ve enjoyed capturing love and epic adventure found on the island. However, we must respect and honor the environment by sticking to strict leave-no-trace practices. Iceland is an adventure lovers paradise; we must play by the rules to keep it that way!

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple embracing after traveling to Iceland for their destination elopement

Don’t Go Off the Trails During Iceland Wedding

Throughout your exploring and wedding planning, be mindful of the trails. Iceland is filled with epic views and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s essential to stay on the trail to maintain its beauty and allow others to continue to visit and experience Iceland’s breathtaking beauty. Don’t wander from the trail when planning your wedding ceremony and choosing a location. The trails are there to protect you and the surrounding natural habitat. Going off the trail could make a difference in your safety and those around you.

Pack Out What You Brought In

If you’re feeling adventurous and decide to camp while visiting Iceland, remember to bring everything you packed. No one wants to see the beautiful landscape filled with trash and snack wrappers. Be careful not to leave anything behind; it can hurt the surrounding areas and the animals that live there. Stay in designated campsites while planning your camping trip and respect their rules and regulations.

Be Mindful of the Environment + Nature Around You During Iceland Wedding

The most essential principle of leave no trace is to be mindful and respectful of the environment and nature around you. These locations are stunning and are on the bucket list for a reason. They have breathtaking scenery and things that people may never be able to see in their lifetime if we don’t take proper precautions to help preserve the area. While not everyone will know these principles and regulations, you must do your part and be mindful of Iceland’s beauty. This includes being mindful of others who are trying to enjoy the landscape. This might be their only chance to see the beauty of Iceland and making sure everyone has that chance is important. Since we’ll be there a few days, we can always go back to certain locations later, whereas some visitors might not have that option.

Iceland elopement photographer captures bride and groom walking on sandy beach in Iceland

Do Your Research!

Lastly, do your research before planning your Iceland wedding. Read up on what is and isn’t allowed on the island, how you can best help maintain its beauty, and how you can give back. When planning any sort of destination wedding and traveling somewhere new, it’s essential to research as much as you can. Come prepared for your trip so you won’t feel lost and overwhelmed, and you will have a game plan for everything you want to do and see.

As an Iceland photographer, I always want to leave the area better than I found it. Whether that’s staying on the trails, picking up trash, or being an example to those around me. Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on earth for a reason, and it’s our job to keep it that way!

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple on Iceland Cliff after traveling to Iceland to elope

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