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How to Include Pets in Your Nashville Wedding

As many people know, my husband and I are huge animal lovers. We have a few fur babies of our own at home. One of my favorite and more popular wedding trend is when couples include pets in their wedding. Like many, I consider my pets more like family than pets. It only makes sense they should be included in all of our big life events. I have had more and more couples reach out and ask about how they can include their pets on their wedding day. It’s such a special way to celebrate their family and the next chapter in their lives together. In the spirit of celebrating with our favorite four legged friends, I’ve come up with a list of ways to include pets in your Nashville wedding.

Nashville elopement photographer captures newly engaged couple kissing during Nashville engagement photos

Top List of Ways to Include Pets in Your Nashville Wedding Day Celebration

Engagement Session with Your Fur-Babies

First on my list, bring your pets with you to your engagement session! If we plan it well before hand we can choose a pet-friendly location and have additional people on hand to help. Couples of mine in the past that have chosen to bring their pets always have a blast! I always suggest bringing an extra person to help entertain your pet during the remainder of pictures. These photos always turn out so personal, genuine and are a great way to include pets in your Nashville wedding. Especially if your venue doesn’t allow animals on site!

Get Ready with Your Pet

Next, and one of my favorites, get ready for your wedding with your pet! Oftentimes this is one of the easier ways to include pets in your Nashville wedding. There isn’t too much change if you’re getting ready in your home, or even on site. Your pet will be used to being alongside you and can provide a calming energy. When you’re getting ready for your wedding you can begin to feel all those pre-wedding jitters. Having your favorite fur-baby by your side can totally ease those nerves!

Include Pets in Your Nashville Wedding Day Ceremony or Bridal Portraits

Throughout the past few years, more couples are throwing tradition to the wind, and changing things up. This includes pets as ring-bearers, flower girls, wedding party participants and so much more. If your venue allows animals on the premises its a unique way to include your fur-babies in the big day. Whether they’re by your side as you walk down the aisle or are bringing the rings to you – it’s all up to you!

Cake Topper

Nashville elopement photographer captures cake topper of cat as a way to include pets in Nashville wedding

During my time as a Nashville wedding photographer, I love when couples show their personality throughout the wedding. Including your pet with a custom cake topper is one of my personal favorites! It’s a simple and cute way to include pets in your Nashville wedding if they can’t be there in person. You’ll be able to keep that piece for the rest of your life and look back on pictures of your cake forever!

Signature Drinks Named After Your Pets

Nashville elopement photographer captures signature drinks of pets at Nashville wedding

Next on my list of top ways to include pets in your Nashville wedding, signature drinks! Another popular wedding trend – signature drinks. Couples are creating signature drinks and sharing with guests on their wedding day. Some couples name the drinks something fun, or another option, name it after your pet! If your pets can’t be there in person, name a drink after them! It’s such a simple and fun way to include them. It’ll also be fun hearing their names all night!

Custom Cookies to Include Pets in Your Nashville Wedding

Another delicious way to include pets in your Nashville wedding, custom cookies. One of my couples had custom sugar cookies made to look like their pets. It was so fun and a cute dessert or wedding favor for guests to take home. Everyone loves getting to know more about the two of you and your relationship, that includes the life you’ve built together and those fur-babies!

Include Pets in Your Nashville Wedding Favors

Nashville elopement photographer captures black and white portrait of coozies with pets on them for Nashville wedding

Lastly, include your pets in wedding favors. I have some clients that have dogs named Whiskey and Rye. They had their photos on their drink coozie wedding favors! Another idea is to have dog treats as your wedding favor. It’s the simple things that make all the difference and can really make your event stand out. Your wedding day should be all about your relationship and the life you have created together. It’s a beautiful love story filled with incredible memories and if that includes pets, it should be celebrated too!

Whether you choose to include pets in your Nashville wedding or not, I know it’s going to be incredibly beautiful and the perfect celebration of your next chapter in life together. If you’re looking for advice on bringing pets along for your wedding day, feel free to reach out! I’ve got experience in the department and love to help make that dream possible!

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