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How to Know if an Iceland Elopement is Right for You?

Iceland has hands down been one of the most unique and beautiful places I have ever had the privilege of traveling to. As an Iceland elopement photographer I have had the incredible opportunity to not only capture love on the beautiful island, but adventure and appreciate the scenery. While you’re planning your destination elopement, I want nothing more for you than to absolutely have the best day possible. I want you to relive your day over and over, and dream of going back to the beautiful land you proclaimed your love aloud. Throughout my time as a destination elopement photographer, I’ve been to quite a few places, and I’m here to share my advice on Iceland so you are able to truly decide – is an Iceland elopement right for you? Let’s dive in!

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple walking alongside beach in wedding attire

Cold Beaches at Your Iceland Elopement

If you’re looking for a tropical and warm location for your destination elopement, perhaps Iceland isn’t the place for you. There are such beautiful beaches in Iceland that make for the most breathtaking elopement locations and photographs. Iceland’s beaches are the perfect combination of cozy and adventure. But beware the water can be extremely cold and dangerous. The tide can take you in and away before you know it! It’s the best spot for golden hour portraits or ceremony, and such a unique experience. However, you will definitely not be going swimming in that water! The water and beach itself is so cold. If you both prefer a cooler weather option, an Iceland elopement may be the perfect fit.

Plan Your Travel Wisely

Iceland elopement photographer captures bride and groom reading vows during elopement ceremony

Did you know that Iceland will reach teeth-chattering low temperatures of -1°C–1°C? It’s true, Iceland is no joke, and should be planned accordingly. Notoriously January and February are the coldest months, and the best time of year to travel to Iceland is the summer months. It’s generally a little bit warmer and the sun is out longer making for longer golden hour opportunities! Another interesting fact about Iceland is that won’t set until after 3 in the morning certain times of year. Unfortunately, your sleep schedule could get messed up. But like I previously mentioned, more sunshine means longer golden hour.

While planning your Iceland elopement, keep in mind certain airlines will not travel there during harsher weather months. If you are looking to book a flight to Iceland, do your research and make sure you know who flys in and out during those specific times. Iceland is such a beautiful place but can definitely have some cruel winters!

An Iceland Elopement is Perfect for the Outdoorsy Couples

Iceland elopement photographer captures couple walking through mountains during bridal portraits

If you and your partner love being outdoors, hiking, and adventuring new locations – Iceland is the perfect place for you. There are tons of opportunities to check out volcanoes, hike beautiful trails, whale watching, visit stunning waterfalls and so much more. When I traveled to Iceland I was able to visit an active volcano, it was such a neat experience. Make sure to check out the incredible experiences Iceland offers tourists and keep your schedule busy, there is so much to do!

On the other hand, if you and your partner enjoy being indoors more, or relaxing on a warm beach – an Iceland elopement may not be the best choice for you. Iceland is a bucket list location for many people, but if you aren’t much of a hiker or adventurer you may want to skip it!

Iceland is an Island

Lastly, Iceland is in fact an island which means while you’re visiting for your Iceland elopement, things may be a little more expensive! Just like when visiting Hawaii and a gallon of milk can cost you $7, it’s similar in Iceland. They have to get a lot of goods imported which can cause cost of goods to run a little higher. Also keep in mind gas is priced by the liter, so it may look cheaper but it really isn’t. Another thing to remember is there are several active volcanoes in Iceland. The last time I visited Iceland a volcano actually erupted! It was such a surreal moment for us. Before planning your Iceland adventures make sure you both have considered these things!

Nevertheless Iceland is one of my favorite places I’ve visited and can’t wait to capture more love stories there. If you and your partner are considering a destination elopement in Iceland, you are going to love it!

While planning your elopement if you have any questions, check out my Things to Know Before Traveling to Iceland blog!

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